Microsoft’s Windows 10 Latest Upgrade Warns The Gamers

With Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade warning should be taken seriously. Thousands of users are reacting and still complaining. The latest buggy release of Windows 10 has spread hate talks among millions of users and especially gamers.

No, it isn’t deleting your personal data anymore, but then what is the real issue?

To get an answer to this question, you need to go through the article.

More than 50 % of all PCs are running Windows 10 and to reach these numbers it took Microsoft 4 years from its release. The Windows 10 update OS Build 17763.348 releases on March 1, 2019, It was basically released for a specific bug fix in which Action center would show up on the wrong side but this issue has been solved by Microsoft, giving birth to a new problem. The patch which specifically interrupts gamers and disturbs the environment of few games is KB4482887.

The latest updates from Microsoft still have issues. Microsoft recently issues a warning to the gamers that the latest update for Windows 10 specifically patch KB4482887 has paralyzed overall gaming performance. It is observed in both the AMD AND Nvidia GPU and Microsoft confirms the issue and has issued an official warning to the users and gamers.

Woody Leonard a columnist in the computer world and author of dozens of Windows books quoted “Needless to say, users are furious and also warns of the problems being only confined to games now.

He further adds, that “Updates are essential for long term security and stability of Windows 10. But Microsoft needs to make it much more reliable to continue the company’s controversial policies of making it mandatory for users to digest”.

Gaming performance controversy in version 1803

Thousands of users report an issue that they are experiencing major gaming problems while trying to run the new Windows update. A user reports that he witnesses major lag while playing Destiny 2 after completing the Windows 10 updates to the latest build. He reported that while running two RTX 2080 Ti’s inSLI he was getting less than 60 FPS on 1080p and this is very unusual, to be honest. He also adds that the issues are not only associating with RTX cards but other report says the same issues emerging in GPUs from AMD and Nvidia.

Among several other Reddit users who reported the same issue, one of them witnessed the same problem and uploaded it with details regarding the bug. The user reports massive pausing, few performance issues and huge lag in mouse input.

Apart from Reddit, several others came up with the same issue on Twitter while running Destiny 2. No one exactly knows how many games have been affected.

How did Microsoft react to the gaming performance issue?

After observing Microsoft’s updating and testing activities for several years, it more likely to say that Microsoft has a habit of launching untested updates and features. But this is sad because millions of users genuinely trust and rely on the brand name (Microsoft). S, Microsoft should take this kind of issue more seriously from now on.

After a Microsoft engineer hears about the bug issue, he tried to respond fast. In a Reddit post, the kernel engineer says, that the bug is not completely related to Retpoline Spectre mitigations.

A while later he encourages the users to report such bug issues on Feedback Hub but he didn’t mention whether or not Microsoft is working on the issue.

Improvements and fixes

After getting a complaint from users and active gamers accross the world Microsoft starts working on the issue and trying to fix it as soon as possible but it doesn’t seem that they would come up with the fix shortly.

This issue is common to multiple users having different types of hardware configurations and it doesn’t matter if you are using an Intel of AMD or Nvidia, you will definitely encounter frame rate dropping and huge input lag.

It is quite easy to fix the issues for short terms but to do that you have to uninstall the update from your PC and go back to the previous version of Windows until the fix has been officially issued. Follow this simple instruction to uninstall the update given below:

  • Open your computer and navigate to the Windows Update Settings in the start menu.
  • Once it appears, click on “view update history”.
  • Now click on “uninstall updates” on the page and then select KB4482887 from the given list.

This is the only option for the time being. Windows will definitely try and reinstall the update the first chance it gets, so maybe you have to wait for a while before Microsoft releases a fix for everyone.

Let’s stick to the announcement and keep an eye official spokesperson to know when would this be solved entirely.

Coming to a conclusion

Our discussion on Microsoft’s Windows 10 Latest Upgrade Warns The Gamers comes to an end for this article. We would obviously discuss more on Microsoft 10 Updates and issues. I hope you genuinely like the information provided in this article.

My recommendation to those who are badly affected is to uninstall the latest update as soon as possible and go back to the previous version for the time being and once they release a fix to the gaming issue install it again.