How Windows 10 Update Slashes Chromium Performance

After Windows 10 rolled out the latest update, issues about Chromium performance surfaced up. Microsoft confirms that the new Windows 10 updates are causing major problems in Chromium. Microsoft wanred that should be prevented and also adds that they are working and figuring out how to solve the issues as soon as possible.

The senior programmer of Chromium Bruce Dawson, Google has analyzed the performance issues to the Windows 10 security feature Controls Flow Guard(CFG), which is a build-in OS hardening feature in Microsoft.

What causes the problem In Google Chrome browsers? 

As I said, the main cause of the issues is the update of the Control Flow Guard (CFG). It is an OS strengthening security feature which was first introduced in Windows 8.1 and now this feature is also made available for Windows 10 users. CFG can help encounter memory corruption vulnerabilities.

This issue first came from a developer at Vivaldi who after using Windows 7 pro updated to Windows 10 for official purpose and discovered that something is wrong with the latest update.

He installed Windows 10 in his company’s Windows 10 unit cluster and immediately noticed the performance issues. He said that, normally a test suite doesn’t take more than 100 minutes to run but in this case, it took 300 minutes and even more and he has reported the bug issues to Microsoft in the month of April.

Mr.Dawson from Google observed the problem and started conducting tests and technical investigations to come up with the real trigger which caused this. And he later found out that CFG is the main cause of the problem.

Dawson also revealed that Windows 10 CreateProcess quadruples each and every time the CFG functions doubles. He even disabled the CFG for the testing process and noticed that all of a sudden unit_texts.exe was running about five times faster and more interestingly the CreateProcess has become 20 times faster.

They further add that the performance-related issues are found on most of the browsers based on Google Chromium like Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, Google Chrome and so on.

Bruce Dawson then expressed the depth of the issue to Microsoft so that it could come up with a fix. A developer manager of the Windows and Azure kernel team also confirms the issue in late April and said Microsoft is working on the issues to figure out the root cause and would soon build a fix in a few weeks.

Microsoft’s Response on the fix

The good news Microsoft responded very swiftly to the CFG issue and said they are creating a fix and trying to roll it as soon as possible. And moreover, the end-users are not likely to witness the same performance issues that the test-environment discloses.

How to fix Windows 10 security problems

The issue affects normal browser usage. Disabling the Control Flow Guard in Windows 10 could help a lot and in order to do this just follow the simple steps given below. It is supposed that this issue affects normal browser usage since both Vivaldi and Chrome starts a new process for each tab. But as much as of the original code is situated in DLLs shared among the process and the Windows CFG configuration is going to be reused for DLLs as it is not likely to be much noteworthy fro normal use.

How to disable CFG in Windows 10

Just head to the Start button on the left og your PC and scroll down to W and then choose Windows Defender Security Center.

Once you are there, just click on the App & browser control option in the Security center Window and toggle down find Exploit protection

Now click on Exploit protection Settings options and then click on the down arrow under the Control Flow Guard to select Off by default

To allow the changes just choose Yes in the User Account Control window.

Once done, just restart your device to allow the changes to take place.

I hope you could easily turn off the Control Flow Guard with the help of the above-given steps.

Wrapping things up

Our discussion on How Windows 10 Update Slashes Chromium Performance comes to an end here having discussed all the aspects and emergence of the problem and how can it be fixed single-handedly with few easy steps.

I do believe that this article could solve your queries and help to fix the issue. If you are still facing any issues, you have to wait for Microsoft to release its official fix.