Top Image Editing Software of 2018 Every Photographer Should Know About

Pictures tell the true story about a special moment, but a little editing should not hurt if that makes the photo more beautiful. These days, social media is filled with millions of pictures of exotic locales and angelic faces.

Well, let me tell you a secret (that is no more a secret) that almost every image posted online has been edited. You can always be pretty sure about that until there is a #nofilter mention.

To cut short your wait, here are some of the best image editing software of 2018 that you should know about-

Capture one pro 10

It is one of the best software to do most of the basic edits like adjusting the right amount of curve exposure, refill colors, adjusting brightness and contrast, etc.

It also has the ability to regulate the lens distortion correction along with decreasing the picture noise.

This software allows editing on any device universally. So, all you need to is edit on your phone and simply share it among all other devices.


Now you have the option of removing any unwanted content from your photo with a one touch.

Wiping outlines and patches from photos is now easy with touch/retouch feature. This is highly popular on many Android devices.

You also have the convenience of editing pictures on the go and upload them on social media. It offers you a FineTune option with which you can adjust the tone of your picture quickly.

Lightroom photoshop

It is one of the most sought-after editing software that offers the best benefits in the form of retaining the original picture style.

It happens most of the time that the original touch of the photo is lost while editing. Lightroom photoshop app tends to retain original snapshots. So, you never lose your original pictures.

You can even change the picture control- like adjusting the white balance or simply brighten up the tone of your picture.

Editing needs skills and in some cases, the editing software is expensive as well. However, all of the above software comes free and are perfectly compatible with your android devices.

These are designed to come handy while modifying the picture you click. I made sure the software allows you to upload and share with ease too.

So here is my list of editing software to ace up your photography skills. Do give them a shot and know further about what more specification do they offer!