Snapchat Bring Forth Drones: Aerial Photography now becomes easier

Snap Inc. the maker of Snapchat is now making Drones for special purposes and Snap agrees to the news genuinely. Now it is not less than an advanced camera company.

Snapchat has always been famous due to the app it made with many useful features. The send message getting disappeared after 24 hours, photos and videos and it has got a very wide response form the users.

The official name of the company was Snap but they later changed it t Snapchat. Snapchat is a multimedia message app and Snap is basically a technology and camera company located in the U.S created by Booby Murphy and Evan Spiegel.

A project behind which Snapchat is working for years now is nothing but a pair of eyes floating in the air. In the recent news, it surfaced that Snap has been working on building a drone.

 And this has been briefed by three people working on the project and they also asked to remain anonymous as the details are very confidential. The drone could help Snapchat’s users to take photos and videos aerially and then send that visual data to the company’s headquarters.

No official announcement has been made about whether when to launch the drone and it is still not clear to many when would it become commercially available in the store. Though it is a technology-related matter, that’s why like other tech companies Snap will first go for experiments.

Snapchat surprises us with Drones

Snap has been working on the projects for a few years now and we saw a hint of it when Snap launched Spectacle Sunglasses which has the ability to record short video clips. Release of snap chat spectacles witnessed long ques just waiting to join the list of modern eyewear. 

We can get rough speculation on what Snapchat is going to do with the drone in the future. It is planning on how to acquire more investors and sign great deals. Snap supposes to hit the New York stock exchange this Thursday and it is supposed to be the largest Initial Public Offering (IPO) after Alibaba.

The sources we have reported that Snapchat will sit $14 to $14 for each share and the value of the company will be $22.2 Billion in total.

The company sets its I.P.O pricing at $17 / share and it is higher than what was expected and it increases the company value at 24 $ Billion. 

Snap takes a different approach to consumer drone equations. Instead of making a heavy giant, Snap chose to create a high-quality drone with advanced recording equipment and featuring it in a light-weight ultra-compact body. The compact design makes the drone cooler.

Snap’s chief executive Evan Spiegel says is the public offering that cameras augment the way a person communicates instead of the person’s memory and further adds “We are at the beginning of how much potential a camera can have and what can it do in future”

Snap makes Drones smarter

Snap’s drones just weigh 620 grams bind together with the help of magnets. You can launch the drone from your hand so that it would reduce the chance of damages while deep landing. Vantage Robotics designs the blades with shrouds with the help of “tensengrity”. The design of the blades is outstanding,  2 diagonally opposite blades will help to speed the drone whereas the other 2 blades will help to slow the drone down and it astonishingly creates a perfect balance. The body of the drones rotates reacting to the pairs of the blade rotating in opposite directions.

Snap will allow you to carry out a number of automated camera movements that keeps your focus on the action while the drone operates with a range of 150 meters. This ultra-modern 4k camera reaches high stabilization so that fast motions don’t interrupt the actions of the camera. With this drone, the texture of aerial photography automatically enhances. The drone gets an appreciation for its light-weight design and compact body features. Now aerial photography literally becomes easier with Snapchat drones and it will aerial photography will definitely reach a new height with Snap’s drones. It is easily portable and you can also carry it into a backpack and it is durable enough to go through any situations.

Acquiring more and more visual information like videos and photos is important to Snap as it smoothens people’s interaction with Snapchat. Properly communicating with Snapchat would be a extremely visual process. The design is dynamic and it can make engagement more intimate among the people with the application. Snap says that one average user of Snapchat opens the app for more than 18 times a day and in total for than 2.5 Billion images and messages were sent each day.

Snap’s acquisition and Availability of Drones 

If you think Zero Zero Robotics is the only drone company that Snap has acquired then you need to know it right. Snap have also acquired Ctrl me Robotics that too under $1million, a drone company manufacturing company based in Los -Angeles. Now it is time to see how the acquisitions turn out to be in the future.

They also say that reinvention of cameras symbolizes the greatest opportunity to change and enhance the way people generally live and communicate.

Snap also adds in the public offerings “Our products empower people to express themselves, learn about the world, live in the moment and make fun”

Snapchat has made its drone available offline retail stores and almost every eComm site online. You can also order it directly from the Vantage Robotics. The Snap keeps the price of the drone at $ 895. It is a great product for modern photographers, vloggers, drone enthusiasts, and even the army.

Wrapping things Up

We come to an end of the article on Snapchat Bring Forth Drones: Aerial Photography now becomes easier and I really hope this article has contributed positively. The advancement of technology has always brought us great products especially in this century and we will see how the Snap Drones contributes to aerial photography and enhanced communication.