Shoot the Best Photos Using 6 Pro Tips & Your iPhone SE

iPhone SE

iPhone SE is one of the most acceptable mobile phones launched by Apple. Moreover, it comes at a reasonable cost compared to the other iPhones. The device might not have a triple camera, but it is capable of capturing fantastic photos. There are specific ways that can help you to use the device’s camera and its features correctly. 

If you love to take photos and post it on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media, then you must know these tricks. Not only these will help you to snap good pictures, but also it will help you understand the dos and don’ts. In addition to that, it will also improve your ability to take photographs in every condition. 

Best Possible Tips to Snap Good Pictures 

iPhone SE is much cheaper than the other iPhones. So, you can easily afford it. But, reportedly it has some limitations associated with capturing the best pictures and videos. So, let’s get to know how you can put it to best use.

Know your Camera Composition

Even after acknowledging all the limitations of your iPhone SE, you must concentrate on the composition of your camera images. Always turn on the grid mode while shooting any pictures. You will get this in the camera settings. Set 3×3 overlay while snapping images. Setting up the overlay will help you to line up your images according to the third rule of photography. Moreover, the rule will also help you to visually identify the composition when you are shooting outdoors. 

Identify your Gestures 

When you have already selected an item to snap a photo of it, find out the leading lines in the scene. This will improve your seascape capturing gesture. Move around through different angles with the help of your feet to find the perfect position. Correct gestures can help you to improve the bad lighting or the color depth. Moreover, this will also help you to take beautiful portrait pictures without cutting someone’s head off the screen. 

Follow the Light

iPhone SE doesn’t have Night Mode and deep fusion processing technology. But, compared to its features and overall performance, it takes good pictures, even in low-light conditions. You will receive the best results while snapping photos during the daytime. When you have made up your mind about having a photography session, then you will have to give your device the best opportunity to perform. 

Avoid going outside when the sun is at its height. It will pose a negative impact on the photos with shadows and extra bright light. When the sun is moving towards the west, in the late afternoon, that time is perfect for a good photo session. You can get excellent landscape pictures with ideal color depth, exposure, and contrast. 

Create and use Live Photos

Creating Live photos is one of the best parts of photography. Live photos not only make your pictures lively but they also have one special feature in it. It generally transforms your photo with better clarity. You need to access the gallery of your phone to go to the ‘Effects’ section. After navigating on the ‘Long Exposure’, the device will blur the background of your selected photo, creating a long exposure in a short span of time. 

The live photos will work best when you snap pictures of running water in a stream or a river. iPhone SE will bring you that exact sharpness in the live picture just like a live picture taken by a DSLR camera. In addition to that, you can also add an extra effect of exposure to the live photo. Before shooting a live photo, make sure that the ‘Live Photo Icon’ is active on the screen. 

Addition of Other Accessories

As your iPhone’s photo shooting features are limited to its single camera, there are accessories available in the market. With the help of those accessories, you can increase the camera’s function. Certain high-quality camera lenses are available. You can have one of them and attach it to your phone. iPhone SE versions are readily available. 

Those lenses have the option of telephoto as well as wide-angle features. This will help to bring camera lines just like in iPhone 11 Pro. Exclusive and superior filtering technology is also available including circular polarizers. The polarisers help in reducing the unwanted reflections in the images to give the picture a more professional look. 

Use the Burst Mode

Burst mode helps you to take more than one photo at a time. After that, you can select one of the best amongst the snapped pictures. The burst mode of iPhone SE has the capability to take 10 photos at a time in just one single second. Instead of pressing and then holding the shutter button, you need to drag the shutter button to the left-hand side. 

Keep the button in the normal position when you are snapping pictures in portrait mode. Drag it down for the landscape mode pictures. The Burst Mode feature is a fantastic tool for capturing any fast-objects moving by. In order to capture those precious moments, you need to set up the burst mode before. After taking the shots, you can view them in your phone’s gallery. 

Additional Ways to Improve your Photography

One of the most common and best ways to create sharp and vivid images is editing. There are various editing applications available in AppStore. The process of editing an image provides extra sharpness and exposure. In addition to that, it also gives the full granular control over the color settings. 

Other than sharpening, with your images, you can also create collage works. Collages are a particular collection of images in just one frame. It is one of the most creative and unique pieces of work. Just remember one thing, there is no specific time limit of editing your images. So, you can just relax, settle down, observe which editing mode is suitable for you. After that, transform the photos accordingly.