Surefire Hacks To Recolor An Object Using Photoshop

To change the color of any object with the help of Photoshop software is a great use case. You can apply them to put a coat of paint on any item. Also, you can do stuff just like repainting your car, changing your cabinets color, and also color your hair by not going to the salon. Given below are a few easy methods on how to recolor in photoshop that you can work with any version of any of the programs.

Usage of Saturation Adjustment Layer

For this, go to any image and select an object’s section you wish to recolor. If the object’s background is having a decent contrast use the Quick Selection tool of the program.

In any of the Program’s Option bar, tick on the checkbox of Auto-Enhance. After that drag the tool around the location you wish to select. Next, apply a small brush for choosing small areas and a big brush for choosing bigger areas. For removing an area from the selection, drag the Option to apply the tool in the mode of subtract and apply brush on that area.

After that, select Layer and go to New Adjustment Layer. From there select Hue/Saturation and tap Ok in the appearing dialog box. The panel that appears, if you want to change color drag Hue Slider for it and apply sliders Saturation and Lightness for adjusting the intensity and brightness of color respectively. 

Use a Solid Color for Filling Layer Set to Hue Mode

This method is good for modifying color without even changing how dark or light it is. Also, it works great to the area you desire to repaint has more of black, gray or pure white surrounding it. This method only impacts the field that contains color in it. That is why the selection of some images does not require to be precise. For this select an area and go to Layer then New Fill Layer and choose Solid Color. In the dialog box appearing, choose new paint in the name field and modify the menu of Mode pop-up to Hue, and then tap on Click.  

Apply the Brush as a Tool(B)

After choosing the Brush Tool(B), set the Opacity to 100% and the Flow to 30%. Select your foreground color as per your wish. Now design a new layer and apply brush to fill it entirely. You can also erase the parts which you feel as unwanted applying the Eraser Tool (E). After that alter the layer’s blending mode to Hue.

Erase After Changing Hue

Make a duplicate copy of your current layer. For this go to Image then choose Adjustments and hit Hue/Saturation. Then move the slider Hue till the object obtained your desired color. Next, tap OK and choose the Eraser Tool (E). Lastly, modify the capacity of this tool as 100% and flow as 45% after erasing the background.

Operate “Photoshop Replace Color with Specific Color”

The similar warning is applicable from the method Color Range. This approach does not work properly on the image you have chosen due to the large reds range in the original picture. For this, make a duplicate image layer by pressing CTRL+J. Next, open Image and go to Adjustments and tap on Replace Color.

This approach works in a similar process just like Select>Color Range operates. But in place of choosing the color, it replaces it with the one you have selected in the corner bottom-right. Also, you may require to apply Replace Color many times. Once you are done with photoshop replace color with specific color apply this blending mode layer on Color.

Use a Pen Tool (P)

Generally the methods discussed above do not really work properly if your object is color close to rest of the background colors. This method is most accurate one but the slowest one. For this choose the Pen Tool(P) to draw a shape in order to cover the entire object. Then once again use the pen tool to draw other shapes on the object’s parts that must not be colored. Next apply from the Pen Tool Bar “Exclude overlapping shape areas” that appears under the menu bar on top.

Ending Note  

Well, there is no best procedure to recolor an object. There may be requirement of different methods for different images. So the best solution is to study as much as possible. Hence this will make your work easy, fast and will result in better output.