Top 12 Apps You Need for your Photography Business

Photography is a form of art which has evolved massively over the years. The evolution took place not only because of the advanced technology or top-notch cameras but because the digital world has revolutionized it a lot.

Photographers still look for anything that could help them with craft and innovative photography. Those who are in the photography business for years know different tools and techniques that could really add a different texture to their photos. And there are many tools and softwares that can be of great assistance while creating a photo and these will definitely help proliferate your Photography business.

We have compiled a list of the best tools that can absolutely be handful and co-operative for a breathtaking photo session. Most interestingly the tools can add a lot of factors to your business if blended with your photography skills.

The top 12 Apps to boost your Photography Business

1. Triplog

Triplog is a very efficient app in the world of photography. It helps you by making a good use of your GPS to track and record your mileage automatically and it doesn’t need you to turn it on and off. You just need to check your roaster and journey from time to time and record if they were for personal use or business purpose.

You can use the basic features of the app for free and if you want to go for more efficient and helpful features, you have to get the premium or paid versions.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a mandatory software for you or any professional photographer. It gives you access to store your data on the cloud platform. And it definitely is the smartest way to back up your files without the help of any external storage. It could really contribute when your PC or tablet is not working. An interesting feature in Dropbox is that it would allow you to share files and documents with your colleagues and clients.

3. Wix Pro gallery

This helps you to showcase all your breathtaking photos and videos in the most professional gallery on the Internet. It is home to many advanced features and settings options so that you could render a timeless photo. You can customize sharpness and check image quality control, it has built-in image protection and mobile-optimized images.

You can also use the social sharing features to reach millions of your audiences and know-how they respond.

4. f/8 DoF Calculator

This is an unconventional app for most of the pro photographers. f/80 DoF is an outstanding tool for a photojournalist on the move, it usually uses a depth-of-field and hyperfocal distance calculator to help you perfect your focus at the right time. The specialty of the app is it calculates both the factor in real-time and it shows on a single screen so that you can make it better every time.

5. Trello

Trello is a sophisticated tool for organizing and managing all your projects and plans. It helps you in planning your schedules and can add cards to-do-list in the way you want. The best benefit you can take is you can organise and implement marketing campaigns into a boards with lists. 

Trello lets you attach photos, links, videos, documents, and graphics inside the cards and make your board a super working file. You can prioritize each task while creating campaigns and find out how is it doing. It has both free and paid plans, and the take is yours.

6. Sell Photos

Yes, it sounds right. As a professional photographer you must have taken several breathtaking and eye-catching shots, and to keep your pocket filled in why not sell some of your intellectual works and make some money. Sell photos lets you sell your pictures in high-quality formats or digital files.

You just need to upload your images to your customizable gallery so that customers can have access to all your work right in the reach of their fingers. Here you give your buyer an option to make a choice whether they want the photo on paper, canvas, foam board or paper. And more handful is when the app will take care of the printing, billing and even shipping of the product.

7. Google Analytics

This is one of the most efficient photography business apps for you which helps you to analyze your site an track your online traffic. It gives you an insight into who visits your website and how often. It is a very effective tool to analyze your customers and the right use will allow you to convert them and take your business further.

8. Before and After Slider

This is a very useful app for professional photographers to showcase their work. You can compare a photo was taken earlier and a photo was taken with your new lens to make them understand which one is better and the quality have changed. Before and after the slider app lets you show the difference with a before and after picture to your visitor. One handful quality of the tool is its mobile-friendliness.

9. Cloudflare

Creating your website takes time and effort but maintaining a site takes a lot more than that. But luckily maintaining your site becomes easy when Cloudflare jumps into the scene. It offers website security and beneficial optimization. It helps you by eliminating spam and fake traffic to save up server space and also defends your site from bot attack.

10. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a very co-operative app and helps you by scheduling your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and LinkedIn accounts just from the convenience of your tablet or iPad. You just need to upload the photos, videos, and messages into the app and Hootsuite will post it on the scheduled time on behalf of you. And it is free for 3 social media websites.

11. Google drive

It is similar to the Dropbox but have other special functions. It can be linked and synced to your Gmail account and create an offline folder on your device. If you sync, it will take daily backups of your photographs. Google lets you share files with others and multiple users edit at the same time and same document.

12. Image Zoom

With the help of this app, your visitors can zoom into your photos and have complete control over the position and style of how a person navigates onto an image. Apart from this, you have the privilege to customize the color, sizes, and animations to make it look good in your website.


I really hope you have enjoyed the round-up of all the business app that you may need in your photography business. Each and every app and tool comes with different features and functions and these will help you entirely with your business in all different aspects.