The Best 5 PC Maintenance Tips To Get A Rocking Performance

Computers have become one of the most important parts to run a human life in the modern world of busy lives.

Not only it has helped to make works faster for us but also have helped to bring the world much closer to us. Playing games and watching movies are the most common thing we do as entertainment lovers.

But, can you name any organization or an institution that does not make the use of a computer? It is hard to find out nowadays.

This proves how much significance does this device hold now. But, to run this amazing machine, you need to give it an amazing care. Computers are costly and PC maintenance definitely plays a very important role in it.

Your PC can Show Problems – Why?

We always adore our own PCs if it delivers the task just like the way we want it to deliver but when it fails to do so, we blame the machines and the seller who sold it to you.

But, have you ever given it a thought that the problems on your PC might be occurring for your fault? Well, now that you are seeing this and thinking about what could you have possibly done if your device is showing some flaws while performing.

This is probably why you are here. Well, you are just in the right place. Here, we have mentioned five different tips and tricks for PC maintenance and troubleshooting.

While talking about PC maintenance tips, there are actually many things that will definitely help you to make your PC work like never before.

Let us Get into the Tactics

The main motive is to run the machine properly and to get proper output within a proper period of time.

So, for that not only you need to make the software clean but also you need to keep the device physically clean and this brings us to the very first point.

Keep your Computer Clean with the Help of a Duster

It is a very common sight that electrical gadgets like computers, laptops, and even a refrigerator attracts dust due to the constant presence of static electrical force on their surfaces.

So, it becomes one of the most prior responsibilities to keep your device clean. Remove the dust with the help of a duster or with a piece of cloth. Do this every day.

Even if you are too busy to take out a little time to clean, do it at least four times a week. This is one of the most basic and yet the most important thing to do for your PC maintenance.

Well, dusting is necessary as dust not only make your computer look gross but also it can cause harm to the interior pieces of equipment that help to run the device.

Gathering of dust particles can heat up your device and it may suddenly go off or slow down in doing several operations like copying any file or installation of any program. If you do not care about your own device, then you can be a little selfish and think about yourself.

Dust can be very harmful to your body as it can cause several serious diseases. So if you keep your machine clean, you are keeping yourself clean.

Dusting the outer surface of the device is not enough. Open up the cabinet and dust each and every corner of the inside of the cabinet with an old little brush to take out the dirt from small corners. Do the same for your keyboard.

If you feel a little ill at ease to open up your device, you can call for help from a professional who has earned the mastery in cleaning a device. There are many service centers in every corner of the world that do this sort of job for money.

They have a better understanding of the techniques so why not go for them if you’re not comfy enough.

It is Risky to Drink in Front of your PC so don’t

It is enough for a drop of water or a drink to damage your PC completely. So, better you do not do so. You might be close to your laptop or desktop with a drink in your hand but make sure that it is not so close to damaging your device just with a spill.

Also, do not keep a bottle that you just have taken out from the refrigerator as the water droplets that form on the outer surface of the bottle can roll down to drop on the components of your device and can damage it within seconds.

This kind of carelessness also carries the chances of causing an accident by short-circuiting. Also, avoid eating in front of your computer as it also carries the same risks and also it can make your device dirty.

Use a Good Antivirus

Go through a regular check of your computer to see whether it is safe from any virus, spyware, or any other sort of malware. This is something you all must know while using and maintaining a computer device.

Get a good anti-virus downloaded from the Internet. There are many available there. Some of them are available free of cost. Scan your device on a regular basis and see whether there is any risk present on your device.

If there is any, clean it immediately. Check if your computer is causing any sort of problem. If it does, you may go for formatting your device.

But, in this case, you need to keep in mind that all the data should be kept backed up in any external drive such as the photos, videos, important documents, and so on. Also, the formatting becomes a very important part of the maintenance of your device.

Anti-virus is something that only detects and eliminates viruses from your device but also it can detect harmful adware and spyware.

Adware and spyware might not as harmful as a virus that can do a major amount of damage to your device but will surely cause problems like slowing down your device or compromising with your privacy.

Keep Your Software Updated

If you keep your device updated, you will be able to run your device without any issues. With the passing days, the software applications present on your device will get updated on a regular basis.

Now, if your operating system software is kept ‘unupdated’, then it is natural to find out that the applications are running slower or the version is not at all supported on that old version of Windows or whatever the operating system it is.

So, it is good to update the software of your device. The process is quite simple as it includes just the uninstallation of the old OS of the insertion of a disk and then the rest is to follow the instructions manually; you can also take the help of a professional.

Defragging is Necessary

The device writes data on the drive and they are stored in disk blocks but as the time flies, the older data keeps on getting deleted and fresh files keep on getting added.

In case a file is not being able to be stored in adjacent blocks, it turns out to be fragmented. Here is an example.

A 5 MB jpg photo file can be scattered among 5000 disk blocks. Rather than taking the pieces of the particular photo file from all the blocks, the device takes them altogether.

This is pretty obvious that it will take a longer time. Here comes the term Defragging which means a method of removing empty blocks and to put the files back together on one block.

From the Properties window, you need to look for the ‘Defragment Now’ and click on it. This is a task that will be arranged by the device to perform automatically once a week.

The Concluding Section

These are the five different ways that will help you to keep your computer clean. Also, these methods of PC maintenance help to run the device without slowing down.

I expect that these five PC maintenance tips helped you to understand to make your device like never before.

You can comment in the section given below if you went through any sort of problems and if this piece helped to get rid of them.

So, from now on, before directly you start questioning the quality of the device and complain against them to the company have a quick look into the matter that if the problem is occurred due to the problems that I have discussed here. The faults will keep on coming and you might be the only responsible one for them.

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