How To Organize Your Massive Photo Library Technical Tricks

With the help of most of the smartphone or digital camera, you can capture thousands of photos, store them in your PC and capture thousands more. In a fraction of second, you can edit a series of photos that would have taken to develop several days in the darkroom. Your images are stored usually on various systems or gadgets, generally leaving the duplicates to sort out. 

To sort out this mess of old pics stored in shoeboxes and albums, it is wise to digitize them before time takes a turn. Arranging digital photos requires time and patience, following the steps below will ease your task in how to organize your photos.

1. Upload Pics on Your Computer

This should be your first priority. Even in the period of cloud-based, most of the people have a laptop or desktop that serves their primary PC. So, you should store all your pictures here.

For Mac users: The go-to-program is known as the Photos and it comes free with macOS. Photos functions in a similar way on any Mac device you obtain. Also, you can save the pics to iCloud. Once you have inserted a memory card or attached your camera, open Files and select Import. Photos directly download images into the program. 

For Windows users: Windows does not have a photo editor, unlike Mac. But there are various powerful and plenty of options available. Microsoft offers its free Photos application.

Using Microsoft Photos, you can import your pics and videos from your phone or camera. In addition, you can edit the images with a variety of editing tools and make fun slideshows.

If you have a passion for photography, you would love to edit your photos like the way you love capturing them. One of the popular and best editing software is Photoshop, though it is expensive.  

2. Do Not Try to be a Photo Hoarder

Trigger-happy photographers end in clicking numerous bad photos. They simply click pictures without caring for the Rule of Thirds or framing. Because they think one of those images would turn perfect.

Fortunately, you can remove those extra pictures specifically the ones that are implied with the shooter’s thumb or tested with the exposure. In fact, you must delete them as they are not only embarrassing but also they would clog your hard drive with useless pictures. In other words, they would make your albums difficult to organize.   

3. Reconsider Photo Workflow

Organizing photos is constantly a battle with time. It includes regular maintenance in order to remain at first of the entire memory streams flowing towards you. Luckily, there are procedures to manage these ongoing photos influx. This would save you from spending several hours in downloading each and every photo from each and every place.  

Creating auto photo funnels would ease you in consolidating your pictures into one place. This would help you to concentrate on what is most important for, keeping the memories safe. 

4. Transfer all your Photos from all the Applications like Facebook, Instagram, Gmail Attachments etc to Dropbox

If you receive photos from various apps, you can easily go to the settings of these apps and select the option to save those pics automatically to your camera roll or dropbox. You can connect your dropbox account for this purpose. In addition, you could link the photos with your Google Drive, if that’s your preferred cloud storing service.

5. Software or Program Serves the Alternative

If your PC is the Digital Photo Organization or Hub and you would love to have direct access to all of your photos at the same place, a software of photo organizing with syncing abilities would act as an alternative. This might not be the solution for all photo consolidating requirements but can serve to streamline and simplify many of them. 

Although, there are several options available in the market but the most recommended one is Mylio. You can use Mylio to synchronize pics to and from various devices inclusive of your smartphone.  

6. Create Highlights Reels

If you are someone who likes to review your pics over and over again, you are in luck. Both Apple and Google Photos allow your best clicks into highlight reels which you can view in the form of short videos, albums, or collages. Also, they put together a few memory collections exclusively for you. This provides you a smart method of arranging your precious pics into a format that you can later look back.

On tapping Assistant on Google Photos, you can see many suggestions you can make for the collections. For instance, if you are capturing videos and photos all afternoon at the beach, the application may ask if you would like to make a combination of those pictures into a video. 

7. Make Albums

If you love bullet journaling and like to keep your bookshelf as per alphabetical order, you would also want to keep your pictures into traditional folders. This will enable you to access easily and browse through themed albums.

In order to make albums on your cellphone, choose the images you would like to include. You can go through your pics which are automatically organized by the apps by search, date for including specific results.  

Final Note

Whatever ways you choose, splitting up your huge library is good for your better usage. Also, it can be useful for backup purposes. A self-contained photo library implies it is easy to transfer and is the best way to organize your old photos to another drive completely without losing your ratings, tags or any other metadata info.

In addition, you can have access to that info on any other device as well.  It is the ultimate in data redundancy and at the same time ensures you will never be away longer from your captured photos.