How To Capture Motion Blur In Photography: A Comprehensive GuideTo Improve Your Photography

Catching movements in pictures are something that numerous photographers try to do when they want to shoot fast-moving subjects or sports.

When there is a scope in sports photography to highlight the movement of participants – even when the movement is quite slow, small or subtle – almost each and every photographer tries to capture the shot beautifully.

Last month, I clicked some of the pictures that catch the movement with some of the remarkable creative blurs.  Today, I am going to tell you some of the special notes that will help you to do it.

But, besides that, you require to know what is motion blur. Therefore, take a look right below.

Know What is Motion Blur in Photography?

Motion blur photography is beneficial blurring or streaking of an object in motion. It is an excellent method to capture the object’s movement in a still picture.

Additionally, it can be used for any picture in which you need to show motion.

In the following section, you will get some of the most important tips and tricks that will help you to capture motion blur.

Special Tips for Capturing Movements

Here, in this section, you will get to know some of the simple tips and tricks that you can try to capture the motion blur. So, check them out.

Slow Down your Speed

There are several ways to capture a motion blur effect. But the leading way to begin the process is by decreasing your shutter speed.

While opening the shutter, the subject has sufficient time to move across the frame and build some kind of a blur. Now, you might think about the way.

How far does your hand move in front of your eyes in 1/500th of a second? That’s a difficult thing to answer.

Therefore, you have to adjust your shutter speed and recompense with aperture. The speed of the object indeed comes into play. At the same shutter speed, a moving racing car and a moving snail will give you completely different results.

Another event that comes into the play in recognizing the shutter speed is how much light is in the screen you are shooting.

A slow shutter speed provides added light to your camera and has the possibility of overexposing the shot. It also gives you the chance to be creative.

Secure your Camera

There are two different ways to get the proper enjoyment of the movement in your pictures – have your camera moving or have the object moving or just move both of them.

But, in the majority of cases, subjects moves and photographer capture the movement.

In this kind of shot, you require to keep your camera completely still. Additionally, you need to locate the entire frame in order to blur the subject.

Whenever you want to take a click, you need to make sure that your camera is completely still.

Attempt Shutter Priority Mode

The most essential setting in capturing a picture that indicates the movement are the shutter speed.

If you make any small alterations in the shutter speed, then it might have a significant influence upon your shot.

Therefore, you require to shoot in a particular mode that gives you complete control over it. This means either your camera is set to the Shutter Priority Mode or you can switch your camera into the manual mode.

Shutter Priority is a useful mode that you can try. This enables you to adjust the shutter speed and other settings in order to be sure that the shot is properly presented.

Shutter Priority is a convenient way to play with as it confirms you to get the proper movement effects.

Manual Mode is another option that you can go with. For using the Manual Mode, you need to be more confident about the shutter speed and aperture.

Servo Focus

Set the focus to the servo. In this mode, the camera will start to focus regardless of whether your finger in on the button. This helps in following the fast-moving objects as it saves time focusing before a shot.

Basically, this mode is specially designed for this reason, So, I recommend you to use this mode while capturing the motion blur.

2 Excellent Techniques for Capture Motion Blur in Photography

Follow up the next section and learn two excellent techniques that will help you to capture motion blur.

Lower the ISO

This is another method to compensate for the additional light. Thus, you require to modify the ISO settings of your camera.

Reducing the ISO settings impacts the sensitivity of the camera’s picture sensor.

Most of the people make it more sensitive to light and a small number of people make it less sensitive. You can set the ISO to the lowest possible and choose the longer shutter speed without letting in too much light.

In case you can’t make a proper test shot, then you can set it between 200 and 400. 

Attempt a Neutral Density Filter

You can also attempt to utilize the neutral density filter. It decreases the light passing through your camera’s lens and into the camera that permits you to use lower shutter speed.

Basically, these neutral filets are quite useful to you in slowing down the shutter speed enough to get the impartial shot.

Another Potential Technique

Another effective way to experiment if you wish to capture pictures with motion blur is the Slow Sync Flash. This enables you to shoot the flash at slower shutter speeds.

This allows you to keep shooting in different low light places, thereby launching various new possibilities.

Apart from this, another reliable technique is panning. This is a special feature that permits you to capture a moving object with the help of the moving camera.

As a result, the picture comes out excellently in focus but the background completely blurs.

Subtle Tips

Sometimes, after taking an image with low shutter speed, you might observe some irregularities or some small spots on the image. It is purely from the sensor being dirty.

This situation might appear because of the constant changing of lenses. So, you have to clean the senor and then try to take a click again.

Concluding Remarks

Hopefully, this post will help you to Capture Motion Blur in Photography. Do you have some different tips and techniques that you can add to this blog?

Then, you can put your thoughts in the feedback section below.

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