5 Effective Methods to Digitally Improve Your Photograph

A good photograph is knowing where to stand!

While taking a picture, this statement makes quite a sense! However, when it comes to the editing part, even a photograph that seemed good at first becomes terrible in the next stance. If you are also one of those people facing this problem, then here is a list of five simple ways to enhance the image quality as a pro.

1.Brighten it up

Light plays a key factor in making a picture impactful and eye pleasing. Low light photography is one of the fear element for a photographer that he vows to avoid. However, some photographers can even manage to make a picture stand out under low light circumstances. One easy way to do this is by simply increasing the brightness to desirable levels.

2. Crop the excess

At times, you will feel that a beautiful picture is getting ruined due to some photo-bombing elements present in the sight. In that case, you can simply cut out the excess background clutter that is not making any sense to the original picture. This way, it will also help in drawing significant attention to the main subject of the photo instead of ruining the whole essence with that unwanted component.

3. Focus on the part

Wanted to point out a single object in the picture but it does not make up to the final result? Use the blurring effect that will diminish the noisy part in the background and put the focus on the main element. By blurring out the background, your main element will draw the main focus and will also appear more prominent than the previous image.

4. Red-eye removal

Another annoying nuisance of capturing in dark is the appearance of red-eye on the subject of an image. This trouble mainly arises while taking the picture in portrait mode. This happens due to the presence of a flash beside the lens, that makes the eye glow red in color. However, this glitch is quite easy to fix by camouflaging the red part with dark grey or blue color. One may also take the help from some red-eye reduction tool which also provides satisfactory results in removing the red-eye problem effectively.

5. Adjust color

There are a number of factors that determines the beauty of a picture and one of its major variant is its color. Even a black and white photograph also requires to hold a certain warm or cool tone that can enhance the look of the picture. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation levels and over-exposed tones manually. These simple editing skills can take you a long way into making the image look more appealing than usual.

A few other basic editing tools are like adding a frame or border to the picture that offers a professional look to the image. Such simple factors can make a striking contrast in making the picture more eye-pleasing and elegant.