Google Warns Serious Chrome Security Vulnerability – Here’s How To Fix It

Justin Schuh working as an engineering director and Google chrome’s security lead, just warned that the users of the most popular web browsers should update right now without wasting time.

But what exactly happened?

First, the information was received by the U-M IT staff groups on 7th March 2019. He even said that this may be a zero-day vulnerability for Chrome users and there is more to the scene.

Well, vulnerability is nothing but just a bug which the code contains and these flaws or bugs need to be fixed so that it can’t be exploited. And zero-day vulnerability means that the bugs should be fixed in no time or as fast as it could be fixed os that it can’t render any further problems.

The talk about the bug surfaced by the Center of Internet Security which is a non-profit organization that crowds sources security problems and fixes. They also said that the flaw could be exploited simply by the user while visiting a web page that is already compromised.

You need to update the Google Chrome web browser to version 72.0.0326.121 for Mac, Windows and also Linux. The update fixes a critical security vulnerability and it was believed that the bug could take advantage of our PC and abuse it.

What is the problem?

The older version of Chrome has a chance to allow attackers to gain extra privilege on a user’s computer so that it can install malicious software or extract sensitive data.

Even though the information of CVE-2019-5786 is not quite enough, a senior research engineer says it is a “Use After Free” (UAF) vulnerability in FileReader. 

If the attackers could exploit the vulnerability successfully then they would run an impulsive code in the browser and extract sensitive and important information. Apart from that, they will get the privilege to bypass all security measures, execute unapproved and illegal actions and could also create a denial of service conditions.

This is the reason Google has issued the update and termed it as very important because by using your device hackers could run arbitrary code before disappearing from the sandbox protection which is an inbuilt program.

This is why you definitely need to make sure that you update your browser to the latest patch so that there is no chance your computer or data can be misused.

The Bug Details kept unrevealed

The full disclosure on the kind of bugs hasn’t yet surfaced, because it is still kept hidden from us. But Google confirmed that the majority of its users have got a fix to the problem. In the latest version of Chrome, the bug is fixed and this is the most used version or you could say mst of the people now use this version.

What can be done now? 

This is, fortunately, an easy fix for the Users

Start by heading to the drop-down menu in Chrome 

Now select Help About Google Chrome or you can also type chrome://settings/help in the address bar if you want and it would take you to the same dialogue box.

You will get to know if your current version is functioning properly and will also tell you if there is an update available.

More Information for users

The MiWorkspace device will update as fast as it could. Moreover, it would be best to install chrome on your devices and let it update automatically. I hope you know that Chrome runs the automatic updates in the background and it does not affect whenever you close and reopens chrome. 

The best way to protect your machines from unknown vulnerabilities or from any malicious files or softwares is to keep your software and apps up to date. Moreover, you should not click on doubtful links whether in the browser or your email. Unless you know the source of the sender does not open any shared documents or attachments. Always go for trusted networks with advanced security measures.

Coming to a conclusion

Those who were panicked by the confirmation from Google that there are major security flaws in Chrome can now calm down and know if you are affected or not. If yes, you can update right now by the way we have discussed above and if you are not affected then it is absolutely great for you.

I hope the discussion on Google Confirms Serious Chrome Security Problem has solved all your queries and helped you with the update.