How a Mobile App Can Help to Grow Small Business ?

In this decade there are apps for almost every product or service you could possibly think of. It could be a gaming app, shopping, messaging app, social media app, educational apps, editing apps, entertainment apps, important tools, audio, and video playing app, dating app and there are more to go on with.

Big brands like Amazon, Wallmart, Ali Baba, and Facebook are not the only using a Mobile app for a better business outcome but there are several others in this strategic race who are trying to establish mobile apps for business starting from small enterprises to medium-term businesses.

This is totally based on Human psychology and mobile user experience and behavior.  More than 2 billion people globally access the internet with their smartphones.

And surprisingly, the mobile app consumes most of the time customers use internet on their mobile rather than using web browsers.

 The average human spends an average of 2 hours on mobile phones a day and more interestingly 90 % of the time they are using mobile apps, that could be social media, news channels, mail, dating app, shopping app or any other essential app.

So before getting yourself into the pool of mobile apps lets discuss the benefits of mobile apps for small businesses.

How can a mobile app help grow your small business?

A well-researched and well-designed mobile app can help grow your business in multiple ways More than 42 % of small businesses now own a mobile application and 23 % of business are planning to launch one within a year or 2. You still need to keep a few points in mind because software and app development isn’t cheap and you should create a dedicated app if it genuinely boosts your business today as well as in the future.

Why your small business needs a mobile app?

  1. New sale generation
  2. Increased operational efficiency 
  3. Brand recognition and experience
  4. Standout by being visible
  5. Provide value to your consumers

Let’s discuss the above mentioned key factors for your business.

# 1 New Sale Generation

It is a very crucial factor especially for eCommerce businesses who only conduct their business by Website and that limits the chances of their sales. You could have a small business or big, the main focus of your company is sales. And its high time now that modern-day business understands the importance of mobile app. Including a mobile app as your core business strategy could really soar up your conversion and sales.

Mobile apps are doing much better than mobile browsers in 2019 in more or less every industry. An average retails order for a medium-term business has increased by 15 % after launching a dedicated mobile app. And this is how your company could see steady growth and higher conversion rates compared to mobile browsers.

# 2 Increased Operational Efficiency

Particularly in a small business one inefficiency can bring the entire operation down. Now business small or big is collecting customers’ data like shopping preference, emails, numbers, shopping behavior, and other data. This is to ensure that custom mobile application can streamline the way your business operates.

 Specially service providing companies need a mobile app much more to increase operational efficiency. The operation process contains many important steps and vital documents that are prone to human mistakes. But a customized mobile software would be great for managing classified documents, boost up response time, inventory management, employee management, first time-fix rates and more.

# 3 Brand Recognition and experience

It is crucial to create other digital marketing channels to get recognition through your app. Main focus should be to draw customers and keep them involved in your app with interesting features and offers as others do and very soon they will show interest and even buy your product. This is known as an “effective frequency” in marketing language. Just hearing or looking at your brand or your app icon approximately 15 times would be great to notice your brand and then eventually make purchases.

It is very important to create a good user experience. Every small interaction you do with advertisements, customer services, promotional offers are needed to create your branding message. Positive brand experience has solid effects, as a decline was seen in user experience as they complain regarding online transactions and then the same users gave positive reviews after app-based interactions. If made perfect, an app can absolutely change the perception of your business.

# 4 Standout by being visible

Being visible to your customers is the most important factor to keep in mind. Having a perfectly designed and optimized won’t help if you are not visible among your customers. As I said earlier, most of the people having a smartphone spends at least 2 hours on an average per day and 90 % of that time is basically spent surfing mobile apps.

But this doesn’t mean whenever they are surfing apps, it has to be your app. You need to constantly remind them of your existence via digital marketing which is another crucial aspect when it comes to mobile apps. Strengthen your brand visibility and boost your conversion rates.

# 5 Provide value to your consumers

Customers are less likely to buy from you if they feel that you are only doing business for money and not customer satisfaction and values. This is the reason many businesses are trying to provide value through loyalty programs. It can help you build trust among your customers and fast and is one of the reasons you should consider going for a dedicated mobile app. 

The mobile app is the best option to offer loyalty programs and interact with them and let hem know that they are valuable to you. Customers will earn points while shopping and later turn those points into money or can buy anything with their earned points.

Wrapping it Up

Developing an application for your mobile as one of your solid business growth strategies is a very bright option no matter which niche your business comes from. The factors discussed above contribute individually to your business and have their own objective to boost business.

No matter if it is today or tomorrow, but you surely have to build a mobile app for better and efficient business operations and customer acquisitions.