Do you Know: Mobile phone Biometrics enhancing Security

All over the globe, 5 billion people have access to mobile devices and almost half of those people use a smartphone today. Since phones have started globalizing, technology has also evolved a lot. In the ’90s who thought that a 6-inch device could support multiple activities and feature endless insight.

With evolving technology, it is important to keep your mobile secure using the latest security features like Biometrics. Cracking a passcode or pattern is not rocket science today, but biometrics come with top-notch and enhanced security.

Biometrics is used for identity authentication of your device. Biometrics was first brought to the world in 1970 and was made commercial. All grand organizations thrived to apply a security measure like Biometrics in their sector such as a Government organization, Army, Healthcare and telecom sector.

Today mobile devices play a significant role in one’s life,it is the only thing that we carry with ourselves the entire day. With the growing need for phones, a growing need for security is also increasing because a smartphone comprises of lots of confidential data that need to keep private such as Bank accounts, Emails, Personal messages, Images, Videos and more.

Defining Biometrics simply 

Biometrics is a unique technology that authorizes people based on Physiological features such as Fingerprints, Face, retina scan, hand geometry, DNA, palm print and even iris authentication.

Once the system measures your physical gestures the information instantly gets matched in a secure database. 

This unique and efficient security feature is replacing traditional security systems like pins and passwords. Biometrics is now a big part of cutting edge of technology. 

What is the use of BioMetric data 

Biometrics security can be used in your daily life as it has the potential to serve several purposes. Biometric data should be unique and permanent in order to be useful. This can be brought to everyday life for authenticating your identity like unlocking your smartphone with facial recognition or fingerprint scan, you also may log in to your online banks or third-party payment apps and there could be many more usage of Biometrics in real life.

Biometrics data comes with a range

Facial Recognition 

Facial recognition first measures the unique patterns of a person’s face by comparing and examining facial features. It would need a camera which almost present on every smartphones. ClassifEye and Omran created face recognition technology that can be integrated with mobile phones. Thus, it eliminates uses of third party software but the minimum requirement of a camera should more above 100,000 pixels.

Facial recognition is mostly used is security and law organizations but the advantages it offers have made its way to get used for unlocking smartphones and laptops. 

Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint usually studies the unique pattern of hills and valleys on your finger.

An organization working globally named AuthenTec usually provides fingerprint recognition systems and has come up with 4 types of the fingerprint scanner which need a different feature for scanning like TruePrint, Touchstone, True Nav, and TrueFinger. All 4 serve different purposes.

Apart from AuthenTec, there are other security firms such as Pantech who has been doing this for years now.

Voice Recognition 

This features works by measuring your sound waves when you speak to your phone. And to be specific voice identifier technology is the only one that can be used through phone for security checks. This will reduce the time any organization takes to verify your identity over the phone.

It is cost-efficient and can be easily incorporated in Interactive Voice Response Systems.

Mobile biometric can ensure data security and is supposed to provide a smooth user experience. Financial sectors, Insurance companies, and Banking sectors are using it to authenticate customers based on their unique voice pattern. 

Iris Recognition

Iris recognition is used as a unique pattern of users by capturing an image of your eye and use it as a password for boosting security. It works by enlightening the iris with invisible infrared light. Then it is used to record the unique patterns that you can’t see with the naked eye. This is a special security measure as fingerprint security can be hacked by using commercial software said by a computer hacker.

Biometrics – Is It Safe?

Safety and security are deeply involved when it comes to Biometrics Data. Different biometric authentication companies are working with different biometrics features and the secured level offered by them may vary.

Data is something that can easily get hacked and high-profile data is more likely to attract hackers. Though high profile data is more secure compared to general data. Biometric is not like traditional security data with the same passwords and pins. Once it gathers specific information and puts it in its database, it can’t be changed. It is because the pattern of your fingerprint or facial recognition will never change and once the system registers it, you won’t be able to change it.

The Bio-metrics laws are changing, which means you right can differ from one place to another.

However, Biometrics made one thing very clear, that it is much more efficient and secure than standard pins and passwords.

Protect your Biometric data

Apart from the Biometric enhanced security companies working day and night to make biometrics more efficient and useful, you have to make sure that you do your part. Because it is your data first.

How to keep it safe from other hands

Keep your passwords safe by limiting its access to different places for verification. The less information about your biometrics data is spread, the less chance you are giving a hacker to breach your data.

Whenever you are notified with a security update, go for it. Try to keep up with your security software and operating software so that it can also reduce the chance of getting your data hacked.  

The world can be more secure and safe with the proper implementation of Biometrics. Common-sense guidelines for security can help guide you to protect your privacy from Cybercriminals and data thieves.

Wrapping up: 

Discussing how Mobile Phone Biometrics is Enhancing Security was very important as we are surrounded by important and sensitive data. This article has enlightened on Biometrics and how can it be used for our benefits and how it is going to change future security. Our main motto is to raise awareness about data protection and safety.