5 Keys Signs your business needs a Mobile App

When social media came into the scene the challenge for businesses to be everywhere was exceptional. Overnight giant organizations started making their social media accounts and flooded the social podiums with loads of content.

Similarly, with the emergence of Mobile application big businesses, even medium-term enterprises started adopting the business trend in no time. With more than 3.3 million apps in the Google Play Store and almost 2.2 million in App Store, it seems like more or less every business online now has a mobile app.

Big brands like Wallmart, Amazon, Ali Baba are not the only using a Mobile app for a better business outcome but there are several others in this race who are trying to establish their business with the help of the mobile app making strategy more than a mobile-friendly website.

But before blindly jumping into the race and investing in a building mobile app or dedicatedly for your business it is very important to know whether you need it or not.

Tech Crunch recently surfaced an estimate that said the U.S consumers spend almost 5 hours a day on mobile devices on average. And a surprising 92 % of the time they are using apps on their mobile and the rest of 8 % use the web browser.

The 5 sign that your business needs a Mobile App

We have come up with a few signs and needs that would make you feel that why mobile apps are important. Just take a look at what we have come up with and if that helps you plan your business in a better way.

Do your rivals offer a mobile app?

This is one of the important aspects to keep in mind while planning to develop an app for your business. It is because everyone belongs to different industry and have different customer base. Let’s suppose the business you are in may have very few competitors and among the few only 2 or 3 offer a dedicated mobile app for consumers.

 In this case, you need to check the statistics of how are they doing from the relevant app stores. The metrics and statistics will help you have an insight into how much preference and recognition your competitor is getting from the consumers. And if you feel the result is good, then you must get started right now and make a more efficient and functional app.

And in case if you see that the stats are not up to the marks, then you must check your website’s mobile-friendliness via free softwares. Whatever the result is you have to make sure that your website is completely compatible with mobile devices and greatly optimized for your customers.

Current stats say that more than 71 % of mobile searchers expect mobile to load as fast as a PC or maybe faster. (Hubspot)

66 % of eCommerce business time is being consumed on smartphones (Internet Retailer)

Last but not least More than 2 billion people access the internet with smartphones accross the world CNBC)

Stay visible to your consumers

Stats suggest the average human spends more than 2 hours a day on their phones. But everybody is likely to use only the essential application and it doesn’t change the fact that customers have to scroll and search their device for the apps they are looking for. You have to leave a digital footprint in the consumer’s mind. 

The benefit of your company is that our mind unconsciously records everything they see, like images, text, a well-designed app icon, even if they don’t notice it consciously, but it is supposed to be caught by our peripheral vision. Therefore you need to be visible in the app store and it is a must.

Recognition and creating a brand image?

A well designed mobile app can contribute a lot to your business and eventually creating your brand image and adding value to it. The way you create your mobile app for customers should be proactive, fully functional, catchy and informative. These are the factors that customers like the most while surfing an app. You need to create your app based on your customer preference and what they would like to see.

It is crucial to create other digital marketing channels to get recognition through your app. Main focus should be to draw customers and keep them involved in your app with interesting features and offers as others do and very soon they will show interest and even buy your product. This is known as an “effective frequency” in marketing language. Just hearing or looking at your brand or your app icon approximately 15 times would be great to notice your brand and then eventually make purchases.

Digital Marketing Channel 

An application if well-made can serve multiple functions. Starting from booking forms, search options, general information, user accounts, offers and promotions, a news feed, messaging, sharing with your friends and many more could be added.

The advantage of a mobile app is, your consumers don’t have to sit in front of a PC to make a purchase or to scan through what’s new. Everything is accessible right at their fingertips. You can create marketing strategies like push notifications, email marketing, and pop-up notifications, to reach your customers and interact directly with them. This type of tricks can easily remind them of your brand and products.

Create Customer Loyalty Programs

This can help you build trust among your customers and fast and is one of the reasons you should consider going for a dedicated mobile app. With traditional and modern advertising channels flooding the streets, billboards, newspaper ads, coupons, Facebook ads, website banners, and mail marketing customers often get lost and confused. This is why creating a customer loyalty program is essential for your business to connect to them sincerely. A mobile app is a way to stay connected and close to your customers and this is a solid reason why your business needs a mobile app.


Unfortunately, there are many business owners who don’t recognize the potential of a well-built and dedicated Mobile applications for customers when it comes to productivity, user experience, and competition.

An mobile is going to be a standard element for major business and even medium scale enterprises. After all the discussion about why is a mobile application important for your business, it’s completely your pick. You would better understand your business than anybody.

Make a wise but a good choice.