Everything you need to know about the new Adobe Photoshop Elements 15: A complete Review

With a huge collection of software ranging from photo editing to video editing and a lot more, Adobe has never failed to deliver the best when it comes to the matter of professional editing. 

Adobe Photoshop is one of those photo editing software which is always recommended by the professional and creative people all around the world. In October 2016 Adobe released its newest version of Photoshop software that is Adobe Photoshop Elements 15.

That is what we are going to discuss today. In this article, we will cover a complete review of this newest version of adobe photoshop. 

But for those of you out there who don’t know anything about what an adobe photoshop is and how it works and for what purpose, I will start with a brief introduction about what Adobe Photoshop is. 

So let’s start our topic on Adobe Photoshop Review.

Adobe Photoshop- what is it and how it works?

Initially released in the year 1990 that is 29 years ago, Adobe Photoshop was developed by Adobe Inc. for x86 and x64 computer architecture platform. The software is available in 26 languages throughout the world. 

Basically, Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor released for both the operating systems Windows and iOS. Photoshop can edit raster images in several layers. 

The software supports masks, alpha, compositing and multiple color models that include RGB, CMYK, CIELAB, spot color, and duotone. The file extension of Photoshop is saved as .PSD. A PSD file possesses a maximum dimension(height and width) of 30,000 pixels and has a length of up to 2 gigabytes or GB. 

Adobe Photoshop also offers several tools for its professional and creative users. Some of these include, 

  • Pen Tool
  • Clone Stamp Tool 
  • Shape Tools
  • Measuring and Navigation 
  • Selection Tools (includes Cropping, Slicing, Moving, Marquee, Lasso, etc)
  • Video Editing Tools

And there are many more. 

Adobe Photoshop Elements 15: A complete review

Now that you know what an Adobe Photoshop software is and how it works and for what, we can start the main section of our article that is reviewing the latest version of Adobe Photoshop that is Adobe Photoshop Elements 15. 

In the year 2016 Adobe released its most updated version of Photoshop software that is Elements 15. The interface and degree of editing of the Elements 15 clearly show that this time Adobe has mainly focused on the beginners. 

The elements 15 photo editor is consisted of mainly three main workplaces that are, Quick, Guided and Expert. You can tell from the name of the workplace that which one is for whom. 

With this new version of Photoshop, Adobe has introduced many new features for its creative and innovative users. As for example the facial feature adjustment option. Along with many other new tools and editing options, Adobe has included a built-in photo manager that offers some quick tricks that speed up the workflow. 

With this feature, the software can now automatically analyses all the contents of the image and helps you to add smart tags to your images. This feature is a great time saver if you have a huge library of stocked images. 

So who is it for?

Photoshop elements are always for those people who took image editing as a hobby or a passion. Adobe released its Elements series of software for those people who want to work creatively with their photos but do not want to get into the hassle of learning all the ins and outs of the complex procedures of photo editing. 

But that does not mean that elements cannot give you the best photo editing options or something like that. The software has an immense capability of delivering the best-edited photos just like other professionally edited photos. 

Just like I have said before the Elements 15 version is designed is a way so that every novice and beginner user of Photoshop can use it for their purpose. Adobe did not add many new features to Elements 15 but a couple of new features and tools to enhance the ease of editing. 

Image Organization

Just like the other ancestors of Elements, adobe has included image organizers in the Elements 15 versions too. But the good news is that you don’t have to use this option and can simply click on the Photo Edit option to get started with your work. 

But the organizers can provide an easy way to catalog and help you locate pictures if they are not in their own place. If you are newly using the Elements then the image organizer can help you to import all your images to your computer. 

But for this process takes some time so you have to be patient enough. The rate of transfer is roughly 24,000 images per 30 minutes. The Elements 15 makes it easier to catalog and find pictures by searching across the series of items including people, places, events, and the other selected subjects. 

The Editing Workplace 

The editing workplace section in Element 15 has not changed much from the previous elements versions but it got an up-gradation in some fields. The editing workplace section is included with seven tabs namely, Open, eLive, Quick, Guided, Expert, Create, and Share. Every button has seven different functions.   


The Quick option opens up the basic editor window that lets you do most of the common editing options and tools to get your image ready. Some of the options that are included in the Quick section are, quick access to rotate, resize, crop, straighten, move and healing brush tools. 


The guided section in Elements 15 is provided with 45 guided edits which are further divided into six subdivisions. Let us take a look at the options they are offering,

  • Basics
  • Color 
  • Black and White
  • Fun Edits 
  • Special Edits 
  • Photomerge 

Each section has a pre-adjustment option that helps the editor to improve the editing effects and allows them to include numerous special effects. 


The expert section included in Elements 15 is mainly for the professionals. In this section, an editor can access all the editing tools available in Elements 15. The expert includes similar lighting and color-correction commands that you will a Photoshop software. 

This is the best for photo editing as here you will find options and tools that you will need for fixing image defects, making selections, adding texts, painting the images and also you can add external visual effects. 

So what are the new Editing Function in Elements 15?

Elements 15 does not add much new editing functions. You will all that you were getting in the previous version. But there are five new Guided Edits are being introduced in this new version. 

Facial features adjustments

This feature helps you to create the best of the portraits. Upon clicking on this feature option the face of the portrait will get marked with a circular highlighter by which you can adjust or re-adjust literally anything. 

This highlighter circle opens ups a window that consists of many other adjustments and editing options that helps you to create the perfect portrait image. All the functions and options are very easy to apply and you can easily edit the perfect portrait image for you. 

Speed Plan

This is one of the major new features that Adobe has included in Elements 15. Speed Plan allows you to create a sense of motion. It blurs the background of an image with a moving object. 

The Speed Plan has two buttons, one is added and subtract. Add allows you to add areas to the focused object and the subtract option is to remove the areas that are the part of the background.

You will also a range of brush sizes for selecting the area of focus. 

With this tool, you can vary the intensity and angle of the blurred area. This tool also includes a refined Effect Brush function for fine-tuning of the blurring effect. 


The painterly tool allows you to give an artistic feel to your image. By using this tool you can apply the framing effect and can add different textures and color themes over a particular subject. 

It has a Paint Brush button that lets you paint over the selected subject. With this tool, you will get a range of four types of brush size and you can adjust the size, intensity, and opacity of each and every brushes. 

In the End

From the above article, we can see that just like other software, this time also Adobe has delivered its best with the new Adobe Photoshop Elements 15. The article covers all the detailed ins and outs of this new version of Photoshop elements.

I hope that this blog will help those readers who are thinking about using Elements 15 for photo editing purposes. Either you are a professional editor or a total novice editor, elements 15 is the best photo editing software for everyone.