9 Steps to Create a Comic Book Portrait using Photoshop


Who doesn’t want to read and enjoy comic books in their leisure time? In the 90s, most of the kids were addicted to comics. Unfortunately, due to the advancement of technology, people became more engrossed with using mobile devices and beginning on social media. But, today, based on statistics, 5 amongst the 100 people are still very much interested in comics. 

If you are willing to create your comics, then Photoshop CC will get your job done. With the help of this software, there will be an artistic makeover. The color and tone simplifications of the pictures will make them look appealing. In addition to that, it will also get a comic type of view. 

Best Possible Ways to Create a Comic Images

Before creating a comic image, you need to learn how to use smart filters. These filters will help you to create unique and eye-catching comic images. 

Step 1: Make the edges smooth

Open the software and choose the image. Duplicate the background layer and go to the Filter. After that, convert the image with Smart Filters. Click on OK and set the radius to 2. Now, blur the background by clicking on Filter>blur>surface blur. After that, set the diameter of the radius to 23. Furthermore, set the threshold to 15 and finally, click on OK. 

Step 2: Access the Paint

In order to increase the sharpness and create a comic type image, you have to access the paint section. Go to the Filter and then access the gallery. Set the size of the brush to the simple type. Then create a new effect layer thumbnail icon. Adjust the height and width and lower the edge brightness. Increase the smoothness and click on OK. 

Step 3: Create a Stamp like a Posture

Select the background copy of the thumbnail. It should be located at the top of the Layer’s panel. After that, press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E from the keyboard. This will help you create the thin flat layer combined with the other Filters present below. Now, access the Filter and click on Convert for Smart Filters. 

Step 4: Give attention to the Edges

Once again click on Filter to gain access to the Filter Gallery. Click on the Accented Edges effects layer and delete it. After that, click on the paint Daubs effect layer. And, you have to replace the poster edges with a thumbnail. Make the edges thick and set the correct intensity and posterization. 

Step 5: Keep Things Simpler

In this case, you have to create a new effect layer icon thumbnail. Now, diffuse the glow thumbnail and set the Graininess to the value of 0. In addition to that, set the Glow amount to the value of 5 and Clear Amount to 19. 

Once again, click again on the New Effect layer icon, cut out the Filter Thumbnail, and set the number to 4. Moreover, set the Edge Simplicity to 3 and along with that Edge Fidelity to 1. When everything is done, click on OK to save the changes. 

Step 6: Access the Smart Objects

Whenever you convert the image with the help of the Smart Filter commands, it generally turns the layer into smart objects. Photoshop creates one copy of the original layer. This happens so that you can turn ON the limited amount of filters and also turn them OFF whenever you need. While working with the Smart Layer, you have to select the appropriate option. Choose the Filter label in the Layers Panel. 

Step 7: Make a Perfect Blend

Now, you have to make a perfect blend of the color combination to create comic type images. Use the first layer’s blending mode to Color Dodge. After that, set the opacity slider to the value of 49. Now, cut the Effective Blends with the remaining Filters for more catchy and illustrated looks. 

Step 8: Provide Dots on the Picture

Access Layer 1. Click on the Stamp Visible option. After that, go to the Filter and then access the Filter Gallery. Select the Halftone Pattern option and set the type of pattern to Dot. Select the size to 4, Contrast to 17. After that click on OK to save changes. In order to combine the dots with the colors, set the Layer 2 blending mode to perfect overlay. Furthermore, set the opacity to 71%. 

Step 9: Add Watercolor and Texts 

Watercolor will finally pose the ultimate image that you see in various comic books. Once again access the layer and create a New Layer and click on OK. Hold the mouse button and drag the transparent Layer 3 and Layer 2 and select the Brush Tool. 

Now, you will be able to access the Brush Preset Picker. Choose a light watercolor and set its Opacity to 45. Set the image size to 400 and spray the blue color onto the white color. Now, select a speech bubble and write something that matches your comic story.