7 Best Techniques to Improve Your Photoshop Elements

Photoshop CC 2015

Photoshopping is the process of image enhancement for an impressive and better picture. There are several tools available that will help you to create and transform your images. Elements of those tools based on the same architecture just like the reputed and infamous tools. People consider them for photoshopping and photo editing. 

There are some essential things that you need to take into consideration. Well-known photoshop software elements are stuffed and packed into one. This allows you to experience a user-friendly environment. In addition to that, you can achieve fantastic results without attempting any type of complicated steps. 

Best and Creative Ways to Improve Photoshop Elements 

Now, let’s dive in and learn some of the creative ways that can boost your skills in photoshop elements. Make sure you read them carefully before using any photoshop software. 

Create a Soft Focus

When you are willing to enhance a portrait photograph, then a soft-focus can create a dreamy touch in it. With the help of photoshop elements, you can create a soft-focus in non-human elements too. 

Make a duplicate layer

Make a copy of the image. Open the software and click on the Layer. Then, select Duplicate Layer from the drop-down menu. Press Ctrl+J to copy the layer. 

Add Blur Filter 

Once again, navigate to the menus and click on the filter. After that choose Blur and then select Gaussian Blur. When the filter window pops up, set the radius to 25%.

2. Make Fruit Creations

Photoshop elements allow you to re-create certain elements. Without the software, it is impossible to make sharp and impressive pictures. Taking full advantage of the powerful editing software, you can create your own Frankenstein fruit creations. 

One thing you have to keep in mind is that before clicking a normal picture, make sure you place a bunch of fruits near the principle image. In addition to that, a good source of light is also a necessary item. 

Before clicking the picture, turn on the camera’s aperture to f/11. This will create an intense depth in the colors. So, the main item, as well as the fruits, will look equally sharp, making it easier for you to create the ultimate realistic photos. 

3. Select and Apply Selective Colors in Photoshop Elements 

It is one of the most interesting techniques in Photoshop Elements. In other words, it is also called selective coloring or color pop. This technique has got its name just because you are removing some of the selected colors from the picture. Enabling the stack will help you to discover more ways to use the color removing layers.

In photoshop elements, you can use hue or the saturation layer. These layers will help you to remove the selective colors. In some cases, you can tell that this is a completely non-destructive way of editing a picture. It also doesn’t pose any type of negative impact on the image. On the other hand, you can also reverse the effect. 

4. Apply Vintage Effect 

Nowadays, capturing images in a vintage format is almost next to impossible. That is why you have to click normal pictures and edit them in a vintage style. Adobe Photoshop Elements has the ability to transform images in a vintage style format. First, you have to learn how to duplicate the three vital sections of old film images. 

Introduce the film grains, creating a sepia tone, and addition of a vignette. The film grain will add the vintage effect. The sepia tone will make the image look faded, and the vignette will darken the corners. 

5. Re-construct the Raw files

Previously, there were film cameras. But, nowadays, there are digital cameras which have more advantages. Pictures of the digital cameras have the perfect white light balance. Raw is basically the coded word. It actually refers to the raw files coming to the camera sensor. Separate manufacturers establish their picture file format. 

After taking your desired pictures, you have to edit and change the file format. Photoshop Elements allows you to edit the Raw pictures with ease. Moreover, it also has a simplified version of Adobe Camera Raw. You can take the full advantage of this feature that contains extra Raw data. 

6. Create Double Exposure

Creating a double exposure in the images is the primitive strategy of old analogue photography. Using this method has multiple benefits. You can edit two photographs at the same time. In addition to that, you can also merge them and create one single picture with a variety of effects. 

7. Sharpen and Create Perfect Images

Photoshop Elements has the superb ability to sharpen your images. Various types of filters are present for conventional and uniform sharpening. From portrait to landscape pictures, you can easily click and edit to sharpen your perfect photographs. Make sure that you set the frequency at first, before starting the editing process.