3 Ways to Use a DSLR as a Webcam


Experts analysis and reports say that brand new webcams are falling short. This has happened due to the COVID-19 situation. So, you have to find a better way to broadcast yourself in your social media streaming. A DSLR or a digital camera will do a perfect job of functioning as a webcam. 

In addition to that, you also can use your mobile phone. But, one thing you have to keep in mind that your mobile device’s front camera must be more than 8 Megapixels. Your work will get accomplished, but there is no guarantee that you won’t face any further problems with the mobile front camera. So, you must follow the direction carefully.

Innovative Ideas to Convert a DSLR into a WebCam

There are many innovative ways to convert a DSLR into a webcam. But, the type of DSLR camera that you are using plays one of the most critical roles. Furthermore, the type of Operating system also matters. Then, you have to check whether your camera has a USB or HDMI output. 

DSLR to WebCam for Windows PC

When you are using Windows PC, you can quickly start the process with the help of third-party software. Select and download software that is safe for your computer. Before that, you will need the minimum system requirements, and that includes 4 GigaBytes of RAM, Intel Pentium Processor that has the clock rate of 2 GHz. DirectX software version 9.0c is mandatory so that the webcam application can run properly. 

Install the Windows version executable (.exe) secured third-party file. Before that, don’t forget to connect your DSLR to your computer. When you open the software, it will automatically detect the camera. Then, adjust the camera features, i.e. exposure, ISO, white balance, and others so that you look good on the camera. In addition to that, make sure that the focus is on you. Various masks and overlays will help you to create fantastic videos. 

DSLR to WebCam for MacBook

When you are using an Apple MacBook, you have to install two additional third-party software to make the work done. One is for making the camera live for broadcasting, and the other is for setting up the DSLR as the webcam. Hopefully, you can download this two software for free. 

Once you have downloaded both applications, install them. Now, launch the application that you want to use for the camera setup. First, you need to adjust the video resolution. It must be in 1920×1280. If your camera supports the higher resolution, then you can extend the resolution at its peak. 

Set the fps (frames per second) rate so that it doesn’t face any lags if you play a video at a low system configuration. Now, connect the camera with the help of an HDMI or USB cable. After that, check whether the configuration is correct or not. 

When the setup process is done, launch another application to record live video. Once again go to the previous application, select a server by which you want to broadcast. Click on Start Live Session and your broadcasting will eventually start. 

Use an AJA U-TAP HDMI Converter

If you are not interested in installing any type of software, then there is a device that will fulfil this requirement. There is a device called AJA U-TAP that transforms all the HDMI signals to the USB. But somehow, you will still need a webcam tool for supporting your broadcast. This device is easily supported in Windows as well as in Macintosh. 

The setup procedure for AJA is quite simple. First, plug in the mini HDMI port to the camera. Then, connect the other one to the camera. After that, launch the mandatory webcam tool. Select the Converter that will convert the source of audio and video. Then, start the video with your camera. 

Important Tips to Remember 

Apart from downloading, installing software, and setting up your camera, you must know some of the most essential tips. These tips will help you to avoid any kind of problems while using the DSLR as a webcam. 

Setup and adjust the video quality

The video recording settings are the key part of creating a good video or a broadcast. You have to control and adjust the exposure, aperture, ISO, white balance, and other things manually. 

High Video Resolution 

DSLR cameras have a much higher resolution than that of web cameras. Therefore, you need to look out for the most high resolution in terms of DSLR camera. Then, set it as a default device. 

Finally, Look for a Better Sound

Every DSLR camera has its mic in it. But for the better sound quality, you can use an additional microphone. This will help you to get clear audio quality and better clarity.