CV Love - Amarzing  (11/22/11, 6:31am)

Valerie Gernhauser - So much love! These are gorgeous, and taking me right back to that day on Pcola Beach. Love them and love you both! (and much thanks to Mags and Sheri :)  (4/26/10, 1:46pm)

Sheri Flatt - Valerie could SO be a model! She is gorgeous! What a beautiful couple! :)  (4/19/10, 9:57pm)

Nicole - Great pictures..enjoyed looking at your site.  (4/17/10, 5:50pm)

magen - Gorgeous!! And Valerie is the best wedding planner ever!!  (4/15/10, 3:28pm)

Jessica Kerr - Holy Gorgeousness!!!  (4/14/10, 11:19am)